Monday, 28 May 2018

MLM downline building webinar


MLMRC Webinar: Add new people into your MLM opportunity downline instantly!

MLMRC Webinar: 

Add new people into your MLM opportunity downline instantly! Easy hands free system does the recruiting work for you. Fully compatible with any MLM business. Learn more at:

Learn the fastest and easiest way to grow your MLM downline

#MLM #networkmarketing #MLMtips #avon #amway #herbalife #acn #USANA Learn the fastest and easiest way to grow your MLM downline - Automated Recruiting System
#MLM #networkmarketing #MLMtips #avon #amway #herbalife #acn #USANA Learn the fastest and easiest way to grow your MLM downline - Automated Recruiting System

Saturday, 26 May 2018 was an old concept, that is no longer available. Since, a few other downlinebuilders have become available that are changing the network marketing landscape. Such as: review:

Monday, 21 May 2018

Learn How a Two Tier Affiliate Program Works

#Affiliate #affiliateprogram #affiliatemarketing #MLM #networkmarketing Learn How a Two Tier Affiliate Program Works

Learn more about our two Tier affiliate program here:

MLM Photos - random MLMRC photos

MLM Photos - random MLMRC photos

automated MLM downline building system for network marketers

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

MLMRC home business opportunity - free to join


What is a two tier affiliate program?


MLMRC 100% FREE 2-Tier Affiliate Program:

Need extra income? Want to make money from home? Okay here's a quick tip. This program is 100 percent free to join. It's called the MLMRC Affiliate Program. Click the link in the description below for more details. 

This free to join affiliate program pays out on 2 levels. 50 percent on any direct sale you make. Which means you earn 148 dollars per sale. Plus you also get paid another 15 percent on any sub affiliate sales. Payments are made bi weekly direct to your pay pal account. 

At this time we are only accepting 100 affiliates. Openings are limited so you must apply now before they're all taken. 

Full training and support is provided. Again this money making program is 100% free to join. If you can move a mouse and follow our step by step instructions, then you can make money with this program. Go to MLMRC dot com or click the link in the description below. Thank you.  

MLMRC 2 Tier Affiliate Program: MLMRC 100% FREE home based business opportunity:

Friday, 11 May 2018 Lets talk about what is a two tier affiliate program. The MLMRC 2 Tier Affiliate Program gives affiliates 2 tiers or levels to get paid on.

#MLM #networkmarketing #affiliate #affiliatemarketing The MLMRC 2 Tier Affiliate Program gives affiliates 2 tiers or levels to get paid on. Join now FREE and earn easy passive income from home. Full training and support provided.
#MLM #networkmarketing #affiliate #affiliatemarketing  The MLMRC 2 Tier Affiliate Program gives affiliates 2 tiers or levels to get paid on. Join now FREE and earn easy passive income from home. Full training and support provided.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

unique home based business opportunity:

#mlm #networkmarketing unique home based business opportunity:
#mlm #networkmarketing unique home based business opportunity:

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

How Long Will It Take To Succeed In MLM?

How Long Will It Take To Succeed In MLM?

How Long Will It Take To Succeed In MLM?

We're living in such a fast pace economy where everyone desires overnight success. We're almost conditioned to look for instant gratification in everything we do. And yes of course who doesn't want too see rapid results as they build their business. However, there is sort of a typical standardized gestation period that it takes as a general rule of thumb for virtually everything you can think of. It's sort of a natural law built into the universe. Perhaps meant to help us understand how long it typically takes to do any given thing. And if we can fully recognize and embrace this it will actually alleviate a lot of undo stress and anxiety of trying to reach the top too quickly. So lets explore this idea a bit.

Listen you have to understand that even in business, the "juice is in doing it". That means most of what you're really gonna get from your business happens "during the journey", not at the end so much. So lets say your climbing a mountain. During the climb is when the adventure really happens right? At the end if and when you reach the summit you get a nice view for a few moments, but it's really a bit of an anticlimax compared to all you learned and went through to get there right. So as a network marketer you found this exciting new opportunity, and you're likely anxious to see it grow super fast, but you still have to try and just calm yourself a bit, be patient with the growth process and really learn to enjoy the journey. 

Try and really embrace it all; such as: the interesting people you meet along the way, the great friendships that develop, the events, meetings, and business trips you might go on in the course of doing business. All the skills you develop along the way both personally and professionally. The unique products you'll get to try and all the benefits they can provide you and your customers with. The feeling of actually being your own boss and pulling your own strings in life and having that sense of freedom of having the courage to actually step out on your own in life, and not just be sort of a cog in a corporate machine. And this laundry list of benefits you'll take in during your MLM journey is vast. Then eventually the financial rewards will take place also. But those are going to come later, so don't put the cart before the horse here ok.

So as an analogy if you're growing an apple tree. After you plant the apple seed how quickly can you expect to be picking apples to eat? It takes on average 2-5 years. See an apple tree in the bible was the main tree. It was the shining example that we can sort of look to as just one sort of an example. Or another analogy...for a baby to be born it take 9 months, (that's just to reach birth). Then it takes another full year just to take some baby steps and slowly start to walk (again almost 2 years before it can just barely walk). But also take for example most any huge corporation you can possibly think of on the face of the planet, from Facebook, to Ford, from Cocacola to Apple computers. How long did it take them to actually fully get off the launch pad? Again, 2-5 years, even more than that in some cases. 

Listen closely...even Facebook didn't start seeing much growth until year 3! Yes it took 3 years for one of the world's most "perfect business model's" (a true unicorn of unicorn) to gain some steam. So again, even a unicorn like that took three full years of blood sweat and tears of a team of young ambitious harvard grads, working full time on it. That's why I'm saying, you're starting a business that's likely not in the league of facebook, so you have to consider that getting your business off the launch pad is going to take some time. Fortunately you have leverage and the MLM compounding effect on your side, so things can start to take off quicker than your traditional brick an mortor businesses. But again, please don't expect to break any records here, or expect so much so quickly, or you'll end up feeling anxious, stressed out, depressed even, and likely even quitting pre-maturely. 

So now lets say you've gotten into some red-hot new network marketing company that's growing like gangbusters. And lets say you really want to see this business take off quickly. Thats' great, and you need that initial enthusiasm to nurture the business long enough for it to finally start to walk on it's own (typically 2 years minimum on average). Yes of course there's a lot of unicorns out there. These shooting star network marketers who advance quickly in the business. You see someone who just got into an MLM business, and in just 3-6 months is already doing quite well for themselves. But again, that's a unicorn. What is a unicorn? Unicorn are "very rare". And most of those shooting stars came into the business backed up by: years of experience, savings to throw around, a huge list of solid connections, huge social media accounts, and other key success factors. So when they were able to leap frog ahead so quickly, please do not make the mistake of considering that "the norm". That's a huge mistake. Because you might not have all the resources they had. And sometimes it's just dumb luck too. They got in at just the right time, at the ground floor of the opportunity, which helped immensely. 

So lets take our MLMRC Affiliate Program ( ) as an example of this. It's 100% free to join and we're currently accepting just 100 affiliates in this beta test phase. The program has now launched and those who get in on the ground floor will gain a huge advantage over those that come in later on. Because for example the first 100 will be earning 50% of any direct sales, and also 15% off of any sub affiliate sales (level 2). Which can really add up in terms of profits very quickly. But it might not always be this generous for those who join the MLMRC affiliate program later on. After the first 100 core members, we might be forced to lower the commission rate available to 40%, then 30% even down to eventually 20%. But those who get in now at the 50% mark will always earn 50%. It will never change for them. So again, timing does play a factor in your business success right. 

Now in regard to growing your MLM business; for you, what you should do is say to yourself is: "okay if things happen to magically go really well for me in this business, awesome!" but I'm gonna calm myself down and be a professional about this, and realize that like most anything in life it's likely going to take me at least 2 years, possibly up to 5 years to eventually get to the point where I'm seeing a reasonably steady income from this. You have to honestly realize that you might not even see any income for your first year from your new MLM business that you're doing. Again, the baby's just been born at that 9 month mark, it won't walk for another year after that. The apple tree is just a sapling. Again neither are walking or baring any fruit yet. And "on average" neither will most businesses. Again facebook took 3 years! It just doesn't happen as quickly as we'd like to perhaps have it take place "on average". But then if you just keep going, keep nurturing your business, keep doing all you can, working hard, really hard, day in and day out, and eventually if all the stars align you likely might see some "small fruit" by year 2. Again that's if you're really lucky. If not, it's okay, still keep going, and maybe by year 3, 4 or 5 you eventually see fruit that you can pick and eat! But the great news is now by say year 5 the tree is matured and now it's producing steady fruit for the rest of your life! At that point you can actually sit back, relax and enjoy steady financial rewards for years on end. Possibly the rest of your life. That's the beautiful thing about what you're building here. After it's matured it will keep paying you possibly forever. But the challenging part is the first few years when you're not seeing that fruit yet and you're so much wanting to see results. That's where some patients and perseverance comes in. You have to endure this trial phase where you might not see much progress and you almost feel like maybe giving up even, but if you push through that and endure things will eventually go your way.

I was really amazed by one story I heard about a couple from the states, who had joined a big network marketing company. They were building it in their spare time but were relying primarily on the guys salary from his day job to live on. So they were building the MLM business at night, and by day he would work 9 to 5. But then he got laid off from his job. So now all they had left was this mlm business. They ended up forced to stay with a relative in a spare bedroom, while they tried to get there finances back on track. So this guy who was on stage now giving his speech to a stadium full of over 50,000 people in that same MLM business, explained how what they did is they just concentrated on building their business. Each day they both worked out what small baby steps they could take to advance their business. They didn't think to far ahead or worry about the job loss or anything from the past. They just focused on "what's the next step". And once that was done, okay now what can I do next. And very very slowly almost like a turtle they advanced. They had to script scrounge and save in every way they could in order to still do the business. That meant really watching their budget in the early years. But gradually, very gradually over a 5 year period they managed to reach a point where they were able to almost replace the man's day job. Still not much, but enough to at least now pay the bills and not have to pinch pennies so badly. But again, it took 5 full years for them to reach that point! 

Then he went on to explain that by that time they were making reasonable money, enough that they wouldn't consider quitting the network marketing business, or going to find another 9 to 5 job. So again they just kept on building, kept on growing it. And before long he explained how that compounding effect started to slowly kick in more and more. He started to see his team hitting critical mass. Him and his wife started reach new levels in the business pay-plan, unlocking higher and higher rewards. And so fast forward another full 5 years, this guy and his wife are on stage with a group of other million dollar annual earners talking about their journey to the top! So again, all I'm saying is that when you see these shining stars, these mlm darlings, these unicorns out there; well the fact is that even for most of them it was a long hard struggle, sometimes taking even 10 years (such as with this couple). So like in this case, it took them 10 full years and the first several years they had to live with a relative and take the bus to get around because they had no income to pay rent. So can you imagine? That's the struggle of the climb. You have to grind it out sometimes in life and on your network marketing journey. So be patient, keep climbing, keep focusing on what you can do today to advance your business. Just one step after another growing it more and more like the way this couple did.

But the reason I'm pointing this out is that if you adopt that long term mentality you too can make it too the top of your company also. Now of course you need to be seeing reasonable progress along the way, that needs to be there, but as long as you're seeing even slight progress, then just keep on going, and try and double down on your efforts. Because whether it's 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years. That block of time will go by eventually. Like think back to where you were 10 years ago. Might not even seem that long ago really? But the next 10 years focused on your business it could make you into a millionaire. At that point you can truly do almost anything you want in life. And you'd have an incredible retirement. So again, you must adopt a long term mentality and not make the amateur move of thinking you're going to be the next unicorn. You're effectively climbing a mountain here. So just keep putting one foot in front of the other day after day, and eventually you will reach the top too okay. But think long term, and don't make the tragic mistake of thinking so short term that you give up too quickly before the tree bares it's fruit okay. Enjoy the journey. Again it's likely going to take a solid 2-5 years on average. You have to keep that in mind in terms of the time frame it will take you on this journey okay. 

Plus again we get back to the concept that you have to try and enjoy the journey. Even if you're not seeing the financial rewards as quickly as you might like, again there's still at least a dozen other benefits that you'll see and experience such as meeting amazing people, going to fun events, trying out great products, learning about business, advertising, and developing yourself personally and professionally. So concentrate on those areas for now, and just enjoy the journey to the top of your company. 

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Monday, 7 May 2018

Unique home business opportunity: here

#MLM #homebiz #homebusiness #WAHM #networkmarketing Unique home business opportunity: here - Automated Recruiting System
#MLM #homebiz #homebusiness #WAHM #networkmarketing Unique home business opportunity: here - Automated Recruiting System