Sunday, 19 August 2018

#mlm #mlmrc #networkmarketing - Automated Recruiting System
#mlm #mlmrc #networkmarketing - Automated Recruiting System

Saturday, 18 August 2018

MLM prospect follow ups - what to say and how to improve your success


mlm prospect follow ups

#mlm #networkmarketing mlm prospect follow ups - Automated Recruiting System
#mlm #networkmarketing mlm prospect follow ups - Automated Recruiting System

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Sylvester stallone claimed it could take you 100 failures

Most people who are just starting out though don't have either the money or the business skills. They might only have a few hundred dollars to try something. So there options end up with stuff like: mlm, clickbank type products, ebay, amazon, and other small ideas. You have to work with what you have. So I think as long as the person has done some research into ensuring that the company has been around for a while, and that they've done some due diligence, then they should try simply for the sake of gaining the much needed business experience that they'll only get by actually getting their feet wet. So even if the odds are not heavily in their favor, if they fail and say during that time they didnt' even break even, then they bought a extremely valuable experience for the 200 dollars. They can actually say "I've owned and operated my own business". And they have a better idea of what it's all about. They gained some skills, they gained some confidence and a better understanding of the landscape of being an entrepreneur. So now the next time they try they're better equipped to possibly succeed. But if you don't try then you'll never win as an entrepreneur. Why? because it takes in my option about 25 tries to find a business that works. Sylvester stallone claimed in some article or book that you have to anticipate it could take 100 failures. So I'm telling you, you absolutely WILL NOT LEARN TO SWIM unless you get your feet wet. Yes get hurt if you have too, it's perfectly okay! Because you have to know what failure looks like as an entrepreneur on small amounts. Better to fail a few times on small amounts than end up making those mistakes on big amounts or your life savings. Anyway my point is that again when someone is starting out their options are a lot more limited. I know many people that don't even try because they dont' even know what to do. So I don't think it's a fair assessment to give any type of blanket statement saying that all mlm is a scam. There's scams and stuff like that in every single industry on the planet. Some mlm's are more legit than others. But in my opinion you have to be willing to try a lot of things to succeed if you want to be self employed. Any entrepreneur will tell you that. So you spend a few hundred and you fail, so what you just keep trying. But what if you succeed. Then maybe you're set for many years to come.

being self employed involves risk and that's okay.

Your child who's say 10 years old wants to skateboard. He or she even tells you about their aspirations to go to the local skate-park and ride the ramps which you know are about 6 ft high in some areas. And you know some other parents children have gotten hurt skateboarding. 

So do you let your child buy a skateboard and try it or not? 

As a parent you don't want your child to get hurt. But unless they put themselves in some risk they'll never grow and never gain the rewards of trying something challenging.

See you have to understand that life as an entrepreneur is about risk. If you're not willing to take some calculated risks in life then being self employed might not be ideally suited for you.

If you always try and stay safe, you're actually harming yourself. You'll never succeed, learn to skateboard, learn business skills, or try anything if you're always playing it safe. You have to risk it in my opinion. 

Also say you spend 500,000 on a subway franchise. Well what if it goes under? I seen on in my city fail and it was in a prime location. Just that it was on a "one way street" and I guess when they opened it they must not have realized that a gas station sign blocked it's vantage point to oncoming traffic. 

So the owner might have thought to himself: 1) Subway + 2) Mega Busy street, traffic 24/7/365. = I can't lose!

But no, you can lose. Now maybe he failed to try and put up signage up the road so that people might better know the subway was coming up. Who knows. The point is it went under and he possibly lost a good $250,000. Maybe he/she lost everything in the process. So it can happen with any business for any variety of reasons. Doesn't matter if it's MLM or some major franchise. 

But the point is that all businesses have risk. And it might take a good 20 tries to get one going. So I'd rather risk say 200 per attempt on a small home based business, and hope one of them succeeds, than to bet everything on one go (ie: the Subway) that might just as easily fail and wipe me right off the board. 

So yes we can all agree that in trying any business opportunity some are riskier than others, that's true. But as an entrepreneur that's par for the course. That's NORMAL. So it just bothers me when i see all these morons on youtube saying these blanket statements saying that MLM is a scam. Some are riskier than others, which is true of any type of home business opportunity on the planet. But many people have succeeded at it so obviously it's not a scam and it can be done. I've had lots of success in the past in network marketing.

so anyway all I'm saying is as an entrepreneur, it's perfectly okay to fail a few times along the way. Sylvester stallone claimed in some article or book that you have to anticipate it could take 100 failures, in order to find the one that succeeds.

Point is it's not going to happen necessarily on your first try. But if you keep trying you'll eventually learn to swim. So it's perfectly okay to have a few failed attempts along the way in your journey as an entrepreneur.

Friday, 13 July 2018

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory

My thoughts....

I think this is quite interesting. And the Joe has great insights about psychology. One challenge though. His concept is "just a theory". I hate it so much when scientists and dr's and people who claim to have some "credential" figure that they can explain there idea to the layman as if it's "fact". Maybe to some degree. But in reality it's "just a theory". There's so many areas of life that we try and wrap our minds around, so that we can understand it and try and explain it to others, but in actuality "we don't know". Yes this is one unique video or I wouldn't even comment. But again, I mean you have to take it with a grain of salt. Sort of an example of what I mean is he leaves out anything to do with randomness and or luck. I girl finds a lotto ticket that someone left on a bench. She takes it home. Finds out she won. The only thing she did was one small thing. It wasn't some long drawn out meditation process. It was "dumb luck". And that changed her life to a large degree. Or someone randomly meets a perfect stranger. Some who they end up marrying, and now again a whole new life happens pretty randomly. So I'm just saying that again, whenever I hear these theories as "facts" and as if "someone's figured out how the world works", and how our minds, bodies, and life works. It's just so funny. Life has randomness built into it and or unexplained things, and or secrets that we'll never understand. That way maybe it keeps life interesting or something. And mind you I could be dead wrong. My thought too is just a theory about his theory. There's an old saying though that goes: "this one thing I know, I know nothing." I think a lot of smart people have a big problem with that. Anyway that's my 2 cents.

Now what does this have to do with network marketing. Well this and that. Self/personal development is very important when it comes to developing success in your life. Like I read in some book that if you keep healthy and or build up a good routine of diet and exercise this would significantly impact your bottom line in business. I think to some degree this could be true. As you'd have a lot more energy to commit to working on your business. But the thing is that if you want to at least improve your odds at success in your business you should also be constantly be learning and trying to "improve yourself". Maybe that way you can add more value into what you're doing or something like that. But as the saying goes "leaders are readers". Plus it can be fun once you get into it. 

Because there is one thing I have noticed in that as a business person you need to be constantly expanding your awareness of what's out there, and about yourself. If you can expand your awareness it can greatly help you in business in so many ways. So for example lets say you're doing a mlm business and now lets say the MLM company goes out of business. So that means your business is ka-put! So now that you're out of business does that make you a failure? Yes and no. Yes you failed, but that's part of business. It typically will take a good 10 tries before you find something that's stable and long term. But on the other hand you didn't fail if you can recognize that "you were succeeding", you were growing your business, you were demonstrating that you had the drive to make it happen. Therefore, if some catastrophe comes along, you can "very quickly" pick yourself up and try something new, because you're "aware" that you have what it takes. Contrast that to someone else who might try something and when it fails, they never try another business ever again. Which is so sad. You probably fell a few times trying to walk as a baby, but you kept trying. Or to ride a bike or whatever. But you had to keep trying in order to eventually have success. That's the same with anything in life. I heard a good saying that goes like this. 

To have success you need to recognize 3 things: 

A) what am I doing (what business(s) are you doing)
B) what's working (making you real money)
C) what's not working (wasting your time)

When you figured that out, put all your time and energy into "B". Just be sure that you're positive that it's working and you've proven it. Now just speculating or assuming that a specific thing in your business is working, but not actually having any proof of it adding to your bottom line. And for some of you that sadly might mean you have to "go back to the drawing board" and find a new opportunity that might have stronger potential than what you're doing now. Or add a new opportunity and spend less time at what you're doing now. Or just change some actions and tasks that you're doing within your current MLM opportunity.

Anyway I'm really rambling here. So I'm gonna end it. But the point is that try and broaden your awareness and that tends to happen when you read a lot of success motivation type books, and watch a lot of "videos". It should slowly start to help influence your career as an entrepreneur in a positive direction. Good luck.