Tuesday, 23 May 2017

I was talking to someone in a forum about Network marketing....

I was talking to someone in a forum about Network marketing: the discussion went like this..... --------------------------------------------------- who here is involved or has been involved with Network Marketing? .......I've done both network marketing as a rep as well as now provide a "mlm downline building service". (google: MLMRC ) you'll find it. Or go to: www.mlmrc.com what are the pro's/con's? What enticed you to to get involved? .......Pro's are that you can get in for cheap, have a real business, and the possibility to make money. How much, it's hard to say, depends on a lot of factors, namely your ability to recruit and build a downline, or be smart enough to find someone who can build your downline for you. (on the flip side well it's like anything there's draw backs too. It's not easy but others have done it so it can work if you dedicate yourself to it) What enticed you to to get involved? .......The potential to make big money, be your own boss, work from home, try out unique and innovate products. If you were involved with Network Marketing what made you quit or leave? What are the drawbacks that you found? What are you thoughts? ........The rule of thumb goes like this. A new rep has to be making at least $300 per month in commissions and bonuses by month 3 or they'll drop out. Most people drop out on this basis. Because think about it, if you were making at least "some income" you probably would stay with it. What's your final thoughts on MLM? My final thoughts is this. Say you decide to build a house. Well chances are you hire experienced builders. Or say you want to fix your car. You hire a mechanic. You might do it yourself only if you're already an expert at it. That makes sense right? Well MLM is no different. The problem is that when people join they fail to realize that they're not a professional network marketer. They're not even close. But they're being told to go out and do things that they have no experience in doing. This makes build a downline extremely difficult. So my final thought is approach your MLM the same way you'd do a lot of other things in your life; hire an expert. Again if you search up MLMRC you'll find us all over the net. (visit: www.mlmrc.com) So you have to take doing it with the same seriousness that you do other things. Again you would not attempt to build your own house unless you were some serious DIY person. And you would not do a lot of things in your life in a DIY fashion. Why? it's too difficult, costly and risky to attempt to do it on your own. So don't treat your MLM that much differently. Get help from experts who can help you build your team. Is it a good direction to go in? It is if you don't have a lot of experience in some other area. If you have a lot more experience in some other field you might want to just think about how you can become self employed in "that area" that you have experience in already. You stand a better chance. But there's nothing saying you couldn't try doing a mlm on the side and just see how it goes. But unless you're an expert at it, then your goal is not to become an expert. That's ridiculous. Your goal is to "find an expert". Makes sense right? Okay do that. That's all I have to say for now.

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