Wednesday, 30 August 2017

How Holton Buggs earns over 10million annually

In reality I believe you should just go with what you're strengths are. Like if you don't know anything about internet marketing and you're just starting out, we all know how big that learning curve is. It's nuts! We're engineers in a lot of ways. The amount of technical things you have to know to do IM. It's ridiculous. So the average person isn't going to know all that, nor have the time to learn all that. It's near impossible. But take for example Network Marketing, like for example I have this one video at which it shows this one guy who's done extremely well. His name is Holton Buggs. It's been shown in multiple sites and places that they guy is raking in well over 10 million per year. Source: If you go to then go to the bottom, click on sitemap, then click on holton buggs link, you can watch his training. Now it's only about 10 minutes long but he reveals his exact strategy. I know I know, heard that one before right? Well no, hold on, he actually does. And I never even heard of this idea before so I was pretty surprised by how different it was. I'm sure that 99.9 percent of all MLMer's have never heard of this strategy before for recruiting and building a downline. So go check that out here: Now he says he knew 1 thing. Just how to do a conference call. That's not hard. So he did conference calls and meetings at his house to sign people up. And that allow him to get tons and tons of people, which was sort of his initial claim to fame. So this is easy to learn skill set that anyone could learn within a matter of hours. Compare that to learning Internet marketing at an expert level which takes I'd say at least 2-4 years, this is coming from experience.

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