Monday, 2 October 2017

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Re: Good Life USA or ...."are you really saving anything???...." ======================================================================================= Good Life USA is a fairly new MLM company that's popped up. It's made a big splash on the scene. Everyone is talking about it. And someone gave me a free $200 dollar VIP card. So I was actually kinda hoping to use it to save a bit on a trip. But my gutt was telling me that there would likely be no savings at all using the Good Life USA VIP card.. For the simple fact that it would be impossible for any company on the face of the planet to actually give away 200 dollars in "real savings". But because I was thinking about a trip in a few months I went on the site to redeem the Good Life USA VIP card. I eventually found the site where you can redeem the card. That was easy enough. To redeem the $200 dollar Good Life USA VIP card's you go to: That takes you to their travel booking site which is: So I did my own side by side comparison. I using my card on the Good Life USA travel booking site I put in a location, chose a hotel, and the date of travel. It comes up showing a hotel that they will book for you and they show that you'll get the $200 dollars off in savings because you're a VIP card holder. So in this case it was a 5 star hotel in NYC for 2 nights, which including taxes, but minus the discount came to $1655. Then I did the same exact search on Travago with no special discount. That same hotel, same nights, same room, including all taxes and fees came to just $1511. It was kinda what I thought would happen. I did another search for a resort, same thing. Only in this case it was about 30% more on that's after the 200 in savings. I was even planning on maybe giving out some of these cards until I did my research. Now I'm not so sure anymore. I had a few positive hits on the Goodlife Travel booking site as well though. Showing savings of up to 20% on some hotels. So it does appear that although some hotels you can't save. Some you can save a little. But I wanted to double check. See I didn't want to write anything without making sure that my results were solid. And so I was thinking "well maybe their shopping section is where you get the savings." After checking, I couldn't see anything unique there either. They have some groupon deals on there which anyone can get on Which really doesn't specifically show me that I'm getting savings as a result of having this Good Life USA VIP card for 200. So after at least getting a few positive hits on cheaper hotels using their card, that's I guess a bit of a value. So if you specifically wanting to stay at a specific place and you had a card, you might save a bit, in some cases. The only challenge though is that most people don't go to one specific hotel. They comparison shop for the cheapest rate, best location, most amenities. And often they're flexible on things in order to get a better room, better location, more amenities, or lower price. So when you factor in everything, you might just as easily choose a hotel right across the street in order to save money or to get a nicer room or whatever. Which often would negate much savings from Good Life USA. Again, you'd really have to do your own reseach to see if they will get you any bit of a deal. But the savings are really minimal from what I can tell. I'm not impressed at all. I thought by watching some of the videos on youtube that I'd literally be able to find a hotel that say is for $200 per night, redeem my $200 dollar VIP card which would give me a free stay. Not even close. Again, NOT NO YOUR LIFE! I personally only give Goodlife USA about a 2.5 out of 5 stars. But maybe they'll improve over time. And there was some hotels they were infact cheaper than on big names like Travago and Which shows there's there's some potential with anyway. You'd have to try Goodlife USA out for yourself to know really. That's my review of Goodlife USA's network marketing company. ====================== 700 in 24hr ============================================================================ - FREE Ebook shows you how to recruit 700 people into your downline in just 24 hours. Works with any MLM business. Go there now to get your free copy okay! ===============================================================================================================

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