Wednesday, 20 June 2018

How to get more twitter followers!!!!... FOLLOW ME NOW @mlmrc_com

SUMMARY: Here you will learn how to add a lot more followers to your Twitter Account...ok
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1) Complete your twitter account so you have a nice background, images, description. Link to your website etc etc...People with uncomplete or ugly looking accounts don't get followed as often.
2) next do a lot of tweets that use nice pictures and quotes like this....those get retweeted a lot.
3) do a lot of following of accounts you like....and their followers....follow all the influencers "followers" that have completed profiles.
4) Do a lot of liking...
5) Do some "moments" so that it just adds that to your profile...
6) Join a bunch of twitter "lists" so that it adds that to your profile...
7) Aim for at least getting up to 1000 followers as that way it makes your account look better and more popular.
8) Although some people buy followers we haven't bothered. It's not worth the risk and it's going to make your account look fake. So for example I can tell if an account is fake just by looking at their followers for one. Or using twitter audit. So for example you can tell ours are all real as all our twitter followers are real accounts....Also on twitter audit....
9) go there and follow me now. 
10) use which is free and you can use it to schedule your tweets in advance. Have them run on autopilot for months at a time allowing it to do tweets for you.
11) use hash tags that relate to what you're doing in your tweets: #WorkFromHome #HomeBusiness #PassiveIncome #businessopportunity #financialfreedom #residualincome #ownbusiness #homebiz #makemoney #extramoney #timefreedom #entrepreneurs #homebasedbusiness #networkmarketing #womeninbusiness #MLM #bosslady #mlmrc
12) comment on tweets
13) add your twitter account to your email sig file.... FOLLOW ME @mlmrc_com
Say this is your email account....So you add that to your sig file in your email settings so that it's any email you sent it's asking people to join you.
14) build friendships with other popular account owners and influencers in your sector.
15) Retweet your stuff but also even better just completely repost it. If it says "it's already been sent" then just add 1 character to the tweet or change 1 word and it will resend. I sometimes just add a "dot" (.) to the tweet and that will bipass that error message.
16) Review other videos on youtube on how to build your twitter following.
17) follow me so I can retweet and like your tweets, which I will do often for you. @mlmrc_com

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