Saturday, 11 August 2018

being self employed involves risk and that's okay.

Your child who's say 10 years old wants to skateboard. He or she even tells you about their aspirations to go to the local skate-park and ride the ramps which you know are about 6 ft high in some areas. And you know some other parents children have gotten hurt skateboarding. 

So do you let your child buy a skateboard and try it or not? 

As a parent you don't want your child to get hurt. But unless they put themselves in some risk they'll never grow and never gain the rewards of trying something challenging.

See you have to understand that life as an entrepreneur is about risk. If you're not willing to take some calculated risks in life then being self employed might not be ideally suited for you.

If you always try and stay safe, you're actually harming yourself. You'll never succeed, learn to skateboard, learn business skills, or try anything if you're always playing it safe. You have to risk it in my opinion. 

Also say you spend 500,000 on a subway franchise. Well what if it goes under? I seen on in my city fail and it was in a prime location. Just that it was on a "one way street" and I guess when they opened it they must not have realized that a gas station sign blocked it's vantage point to oncoming traffic. 

So the owner might have thought to himself: 1) Subway + 2) Mega Busy street, traffic 24/7/365. = I can't lose!

But no, you can lose. Now maybe he failed to try and put up signage up the road so that people might better know the subway was coming up. Who knows. The point is it went under and he possibly lost a good $250,000. Maybe he/she lost everything in the process. So it can happen with any business for any variety of reasons. Doesn't matter if it's MLM or some major franchise. 

But the point is that all businesses have risk. And it might take a good 20 tries to get one going. So I'd rather risk say 200 per attempt on a small home based business, and hope one of them succeeds, than to bet everything on one go (ie: the Subway) that might just as easily fail and wipe me right off the board. 

So yes we can all agree that in trying any business opportunity some are riskier than others, that's true. But as an entrepreneur that's par for the course. That's NORMAL. So it just bothers me when i see all these morons on youtube saying these blanket statements saying that MLM is a scam. Some are riskier than others, which is true of any type of home business opportunity on the planet. But many people have succeeded at it so obviously it's not a scam and it can be done. I've had lots of success in the past in network marketing.

so anyway all I'm saying is as an entrepreneur, it's perfectly okay to fail a few times along the way. Sylvester stallone claimed in some article or book that you have to anticipate it could take 100 failures, in order to find the one that succeeds.

Point is it's not going to happen necessarily on your first try. But if you keep trying you'll eventually learn to swim. So it's perfectly okay to have a few failed attempts along the way in your journey as an entrepreneur.

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