Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Getting paid in MLM

Getting paid in MLM

I keep seeing this rather dumb comparison between MLM and your typical 9-5 day job. The argument goes something like this...

They're both pyramids, but one you get paid the other you pay. I mean that's obviously coming from someone who's never owned a business. Yes to own any business you have to pay for stuff. All kinds of stuff. Infact you're paying far far far less to run your mlm business than you ever would to run most any other kind of business. (in my opinion)

So for example, to have a small office with just 3 staff members, including all salaries, utilities, insurance, etc etc etc... that could easily cost you 10,000 a month. EASY. So compared to MLM where you can work from home, eliminating tons of overhead of a typical brick and mortor business. Plus, your downline which is effectively almost like your employees, but that cost you little to nothing to have in your organization. So your expenses typically are just a monthly qualifying product purchase. Which in some MLM's is as cheap as 20 bucks a month. It's nothing! 10,000+ per month or 20 bucks per month to be in business, which do you prefer in expenses? Yes you have to pay but "all businesses have expenses", just that at least in MLM they're far far lower than other typical businesses. So it's like night and day compared to any typical business you see on the street!

So people making these just stupid arguments I see have obviously never been self employed. I guess they think that to run a business should be free like having a job or something? But still when you factor in your typical day job, well their's expenses there too. The cost of commuting, day care for you kids, eating lunch out, drinks after work with your friends, by the end of the month someone working any day job as easily spent a few hundred just to go to work! So the argument can be posed either way that their are expenses there too. It's no free to have a job either.

Then they say you're not making money in MLM; we'll you're not making money on a linear per hour basis. All businesses are the same way. You get paid when you make a sale, or you recruit someone and they start buying (and you get commissions on those sales). That's exactly the same as any other business. Someone who own a restaurant doesn't get paid per hour. They get paid per customer. And if no customers come in one day because the weather is bad or something, then they don't get paid. It's that simple. But on a busy night or they cater a party or something, they make 10x more than usual. So it's the same with MLM. It's not a dollar per hour figure. It's getting paid, typically once you have a bigger downline, and once all of them are engaging in sales, and buying they're monthly qualifying volume.

So anyway, I just find it odd how people think that getting some kind of dollar per hour figure is important. It's only important for 9 to 5 jobs. Anywhere else in the world of self employment it doesn't have as much bearing at all. Of course you still want to be profitable. And you want to maximize your effectiveness, and try and maximize your usage of time so that each hour you do spend on the business gets you a multiple return on that time invested.

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