Wednesday, 22 May 2019


THE SECRET TO MLM SUCCESS: It's my option. It goes like this. You can't be successful again in the past because the past is over. You can't be successful in the future, because the future isn't here yet. So that leaves only today. 

Which again is an odd situation. Because you can't be successful later today, or earlier today. You can only be successful "RIGHT NOW". 

So how are you thinking, acting, believing, right now to be successful. What are you doing right now? And what are you planning to do today to make today a major success?

What you do today (and right now even) is the great equalizer to owning success. You can own success and have it right now by choosing to think, act and believe that you are successful right now. Live successfully right now. You can be more successful than any billionaire on the planet by understanding this one secret. 

Any billionaire can't be successful in the past or the future. Only today. And if they're lazy and complacent today, then that's a nice problem to have I guess. But that means that while those rich people are getting lazy, resting on their laurels, and complacent; you can be more successful than they are today because you're living it now. 

They're success is over to a large degree. Or they've forgotten about what it means to be "driven". They've gotten lazy. So be extremely successful today and get to enjoy it. It's like in that movie "Limitless", where the guy takes a pill and becomes a major success.

Or all these endless books you read about success. Really no one wants to give away the golden nuggets too easy. Well this is one of those nuggets. This is one to add to your success journal. That you can only be successful "today" (and even more exact, right now!). So be successful today and pursue your goals. It's basically a gift that you've been given today, to be able to pursue your goals and dream. Because tomorrow isn't guaranteed. You could get hit by a bus or a Tsunami rolls in and now your back to square 1. Tomorrow is the great unknown. The past is over and can't be changed. So all you have is "today" to be a success. So be it.

Focus on embodying success today. Thinking, acting, and behaving in ways that will allow you to live successfully today. Pursuing your goals, and making a difference in the world today. Which will start to lead you toward tomorrows wealth success and achievements.

Also keep in mind that the greatest threat to your future success is your past success. Because if you've been successful in the past then it's very easy to end up resting on your laurels. You can end up becoming satisfied and complacent as a result. Then you slow down and no longer strive to get ahead. And you could lose your edge.

So if you're stuck in that rut then you also need to try and imagine something new to reach for. Some new vision for a greater tomorrow that you can day dream about. Some greater peak or some new project or new level to success that you haven't reached yet.

So again, in conclusion just focus on today, and focus on right now, like the next hour. What are you going to do to start to cultivate that success that's there inside of you.

A few key take aways:

1) Move - Movement is a key toward getting things done

2) Think outside the box - If what you're doing or always been thinking hasn't been producing the results you want, at least recognize that. And start to give yourself permission to think new thoughts. Think outside of your current reality. Because it's very easy to get trapped in existing ways of thinking, which can stifle your progress as an entrepreneur.

3) Look at one new opportunity today that you could consider. Here's one to look at: If it's not up your ally it's okay. But make it a priority to look at one new deal every day. That way you're keeping yourself open to new opportunities that come along and also learning a lot of new things in the process. As even looking over a new opportunity you usually learn a lot of new things.

4) Forget the past, and the future. Again the key is "now". Are you successful now? Live it right now!

5) If you have some key thing that you know for a fact "is working". Like everytime you do X it is producing an
actual result, then figure out ways to double down on that one thing. Like you started a meeting that you hold once a week to draw in people and add them to your downline. So it's working, okay double down on that, do that twice a week, even 3 times a week. That should give you double or triple the results.

6) Something isn't working. You know it's not. But you keep doing it anyway. Okay so just press pause on that activity for now. Doesn't mean you can't dust it off later on. But for now just "press pause on it", and concentrate on the activities that you know "are working for you".

Good luck.

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