Thursday, 20 February 2020

Should you quit network marketing?

Should I quit network marketing? 
Many network marketers tend to face this question at some point. Especially when their not seeing as much income or as much progress quickly. It can get very discouraging which leads to many people quitting there MLM business to try other things.
There’s a few things to keep in mind:
  1. Any business takes time. Often 1–3 years isn’t out of the question before you start to see some momentum
  2. You need to work smarter than your competitors. Such as using the Automated Downline Builder at: which can grow your team faster and easier than traditional methods.
  3. Also try turning to your upline or their upline for support. Find out more about their struggles and what helped motivate them to keep going even when all seemed hopeless. That could help you keep motivated.
  4. Try and create a daily schedule of time you block off in order to work on the business. As you need to be taking some daily action for this, or any business you’re doing to actually grow. Hope this helps. Share this with your team. Thanks.

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