Friday, 5 July 2019

Why MLM is the easiest route to starting your own home based business...

(note: a comment posted on youtube ) Here's my two cents... 

Why do most people get a job? Well often times a person when they're young and just starting out, they really don't know how to make it on their own. They need guidance in life still. So you join someone who already has a working system. It's easier. Because creating your own system to earn income takes a lot of time money energy and experience. So you get a job. 

So what some people are simply trying to do is start a business. They dont' want to start their own because again, that's a lot of work. Instead they want to find someone who already has a proven system, join it, and grow it. Like a McDonalds franchise or some other recognized brand. So they join an MLM because it's a lot cheaper to join than most businesses. Even a small small home business would cost 5,000 easy just to get started. so with MLM many are a lot cheaper. Like you said, it costed 300 to start. Okay fine no biggy. If you fail, it's not going to bankrupt you like taking out the second mortgage on your home to start a subway franchise would. If your subway franchise fails you'd be set back light years in life. At 300 bucks you'd recover in a week. No sweat. Also with business you have to try like 25 things at least. Some very very successful entrepreneurs (who have made 100's of millions) they say 100 tries. But if you're really lucky you might find a good business within the first 10 attempts. 

So you try the 300 dollar mlm deal. See where you are in 6 months or a year. If it's not making money. Try something else. And just keep trying new things over and over again. Ask any entrepreneur, they'll tell you the same thing. Even to start a successful youtube channel, my guess is it took dozens of prior business failures to finally figure out this channel and this brand. If I was to bet this wasn't your first business attempt. Then eventually if you hit on something, you'll still need to give it an honest 3-5 years to get it just to the point where it's starting to have half a chance. So maybe by that time it's making the same amount as you earned in your day job. That's a realistic expectation. But then from there it has the potential to scale up quickly and eventually become a massive brand and big company, maybe in a decade or so. So why do most people just get jobs? Because it's a lot easier to start making money really fast, and no upfront financial outlay. That's one reason why most people have jobs. And ya there's lots of mlm's that are a bit scammy. But that's where some due diligence comes in. Even if you were to start your own business you'd have to do a lot of research before even launching it. Same with getting a job, you'd want to know that the company you're going to work for isn't the next Enron or something. But I like the hummor, I like the animations you created. It's well done video. But it doesn't mean all MLM businesses are scams. Most of them are really good businesses, and offer the average person a great chance to make money from home. I think it fills and excellent niche in the economy.

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