Thursday, 21 February 2019

How do I become a successful network marketer....

This is important…..

I’ll give you the bottom line… AND I MEAN BOTTOM LINE….

Like in anything in life. You have to BECOME IT FIRST.

Your not waiting for ranks, paychecks, awards, any of that. You joined something and you're gonna use this growth hack to become an "instant success". It's a secret method used by all the greats you can ever think of...

So if you want to be a successful network marketer, it has zero to do with your rank, zero to do with your paycheck. Those are completely irrelevant.

 What you have to do is cultivate a belief on the “inside” in your mind, that “I AM A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PERSON”. You do that by saying it to yourself or thinking that thought over and over day after day. You're reprogramming your mind by doing so. Replacing old doubting beliefs.

Don’t worry about anything else. Just start to believe that you are a success. If you’ve bought a distributor kit, and are now doing the business, even if you’ve signed up a grand total of “0” downline, it doesn’t matter. If you’ve joined and believe you are a successful network marketer then you are, and you’ll gradually rise up in your company.

IMPORTANT: (mega important) Don’t wait until you get a paycheck. Don’t wait until you get a downline. Don’t wait for any of that.

If you’ve joined an MLM then you are a network marketer. And now if you simply believe you are successful at it, then you are. All the trappings and material wealth will come later on as you keep believing in what you’re doing.

Also try out the downline builder. Good luck.

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