Thursday, 21 February 2019

How to make a living doing network marketing

I think you could make a living at most main stream MLM businesses. You’d have to be prepared to work full time though if you want to succeed. That means 40 hours a week at least. Then even work part of saturday.

You need a good strategy as well. Typically you need a main locally held meeting. Also Mark Hughes explains the process in some of their training videos on youtube.

So this is a rough overview of a meeting strategy.

Step 1: Your need to be part of an MLM business

STEP 2: You set up 2–3 meetings per week. You can do that on which works great for that. Or just do it yourself for free.

Step 3: Your role now inbetween meetings is you go around trying to find people to come out to the meeting. You need to network. Talk to people. Anyone. Hey how are you... you want to come to a little party we're holding? That kind of thing. You have some sort hook to get them out to the meeting. ie: free door prize. Free coffee, donuts, snacks, and free product samples. that will get people in the door. Their bored after work. They know theirs free food, free coffee, and people to talk to, they’re curious, some will come out. Maybe 1 out of 4 on average.

Step 4: If they say they’ll come out, then say “okay I’ll make a note that you’re coming” or something like that. Then have a second person from the company who’s also a leader in the business who’s coming to the meeting, call or text each prospect to confirm they’re gonna make it. It reminds them of the meeting. Do that the night before. But have someone else in the company confirm their attendence, not you. That way they'll feel more obligated and interested in actually coming out.

Step 5: Then you go to the meeting. The meeting is where you have someone who’s good at doing sales presentations, explain the opportunity. Keep it short, not hours and hours. 1 hour TOPS.  If no one is very good at it, you can start by just watching a company video on youtube or something. The video will do much of the selling for you. Also have lively music playing in the background. Like Tina Turner’s Your simply the best. Or just whatever you can think of to liven up the atmosphere. When you're done presenting the closing should sound like this. "Okay so I know some of you might want to join tonight. And you can do so by going to that table and Jillian will sign you up. Oh and by the way, we're having another meeting on "saturday", so those of you that join now, on saturday anyone coming in after you could end up in your downline, if you join now." That's one example of closing to the sales presentation to get them more motivated to join. Their given a chance to get in ahead of others, and those others could be added under them. And if so if you say they're getting others, they actually should be too. And that will motivate them once they see that they're getting some spillover into their downlines. Now taken to the next level, you get someone who joined up there talking to the group. So they then explain how they joined last monday and now they already had some of that spill over happen. And now they have 2-4 people or whatever, that were placed under them. So this reinforces this idea that if the member joins "now", they'll get possibly some spill over in the next few meetings.

Step 6: By the end of the meeting some will join you. Or if no one does, that’s fine. But just do a follow up with those that came out. Some will need multiple exposures to your mlm business in order to first get comfortable with it before they join.

Step 7: Then if they join. You also have them come out to weekly training meetings. There you do trainings on how to do the business. Also you sit down with them and explain to them the process. You explain to them that you try and invite people out to the meeting. And get them to get started doing that by creating a list of people they know that might be interested in coming out.

Conclusion: So this is a easily duplicatable process. The new rep’s job is simply to invite people out to the opportunity meeting. That’s all they have to do. If done right then you can start to grow your business this way. Then eventually if you get enough people to join, a few shinning stars will emerge and they’ll continue the process to build their own huge downlines.

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