Friday, 7 June 2019

7 Key Strategies To Increase Your MLM Downline Recruiting

7 Key Strategies To Increase Your MLM Recruiting

1) Duplication - Create a set of simple instructions that any new member to your business can do. And walk each new member through those instructions. Such as get them on's downline builder. Then once their downline is growing have a higher level of training that you have them implement later on. 

2) Create Systems - Put in place systems that begin to run and grow your business on autopilot. Such as a "newsletter", a website, YouTube videos, meetings and other systems that are growing your operation.

3) Meeting - Set up a local meeting that you host on Tues and Thurs evenings, and then do a training meeting on Saturdays. This can easily be done using

4) Prospect List - Build a email list of prospects that you contact on a regular basis using an auto responded or newsletter service. 

5) Automated Recruiting - Implement the automated recruiting system available at: to begin growing your downline on autopilot

6) Delegate - Get some of your key direct downline members to shoulder some of the key tasks and systems you set up, such as hosting your meetup group for you.

7) Consistency - Build the habit of doing a set of key tasks to grow your business every day for a set amount of time. And stick with that routine. Then every 3 months reevaluate refine your task list.

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