Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Talking about your plans for MLM success...

Talking and thinking about your plans for MLM success

Talking about your goals and dreams, and thinking about them is a key step to your success. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as that's not all you do. But thinking about your goals and talking about your goals and dreams are actual "work". People tend to think of that as "not doing work". IT IS WORK. It's just as important or more important than the physical actions. Way more important. 

The reason is because you have to fake it until you make it. You must act the part of someone who's already a major success. Any rich person will tell you that. The book: "Think and grow rich" is a prime example of that. You become what you think about all day long.

Yes you have to put the work in. But talking, the thinking about it, the planning, ideas etc are the seed germinating. It hasn't started to grow yet. But it's just coming to life. There's no such thing as just doing and not first thinking about it. That's a tree transplant. But anything you actually build starts with a thought. not an action. An action comes after the thought. So I think talking about it is extremely important. 

Don't talk about it forever though. Take some baby steps to try it out, whatever that goal is that you're working on. or even dive in. But your gonna have to talk and think about it first until it gets comfortable in your mind. Talking is doing something. Thinking about your goals and dreams doing something. It's like Bob Proctor talks about, you have to fantasize. Create a white board showing your goals and dreams that you want. Such as a picture of the house you want to own, the car you want to drive, the trips you'll take, the amount of cash you'll have stashed away, etc etc. You have to hold the vision for long enough for it to start to manifest.

It's actually quantum mechanics at work, technically speaking. Like doing an affirmation is doing just as much work in the quantum realm, as is actually taking a physical action. It's not all physical actions. Any billionaire will tell you it's thinking and talking just as much or more than the actions. Again this is just my option but, it's "think and grow rich" not "act and grow rich". 

The actions you take are more or less nothing but a natural outcome of the state of mind your in.

So for example. Let take your recruiting. Your doing some stuff right now I'm sure to recruit new people. But chances are you need to try thinking and doing some stuff outside of the box. Try something better, that's outside of your comfort zone. 

For example.... Did Donald Trump strap on his tool belt and start building trump tower? Of course not, he hired a team of experts. That's the only way it realistically would get built right. That's called leverage. That's working "smart", not "hard". You already do that right now and have done that with many things in your life. But you just have perhaps never been told you could do that in your network markeing business, to build your downline.

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