Friday, 11 October 2019

Does Working for a MLM business require a lot of time and work to make income?

Nina Petrov
Nina Petrov, Director at (2008-present)
I’d say if you put in the same amount of time as you do with either going to college, or going to a 9 to 5 job (so about 40 hours a week), then you stand to do really well at it. But most people start working from home, they have too many distractions. Plus the temptation to just relax, sleep, and do other things is too much in their face. So they slack off and don’t actually put in 40 hours. But if you were to do nothing else but do the business. And do it in a systematic way in which it’s actually getting people into your downline, then you stand a very good chance to succeed. btw is a downline building system for network marketers that you should take a look at. but ya it’s possible to succeed if you really put the time in.

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