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Home Business Documentary 2020 - Discover what it takes to be an entrepreneur

Best: Home business documentary 2020 

Discover what it takes to be an entrepreneur

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Okay... That's true. entrepreneurship is Not as cool as it sounds. It's a lot of stress and worry. But you got keep up appearances. Then if you make it big and get rich, you probably just have a whole lot more to be worried about losing. And ya entrepreneurs life basically is made up of a sore butt from sitting all day. Eye strain from looking the the computer. Back strain from typing too much. You can set your own hours. But guess what, you have to work just as hard or harder than those working 40 hours. So it's not easy. But if you're very lucky you can maybe beat the odds and maybe even get rich. So it's not easy. But the alternative is the 40/40/40 plan. Work 40 hours a week, for 40 years, to end up with 40% of what you were making in retirement. No thanks. That's lame. Here's why. We were brainwashed and forced to be in school for the first 20 years, now the next 40 we're suppose to end up as slaves. It's nuts. (in some respect). Mind you, compared to how tough life was say 200 years ago we have it easy. At least now the majority of people get weekends off and a 2 week holiday. So it's easy to complain about the 40/40/40 plan but in reality it's not so bad, it's just not exactly lifes most ideal scenario!

The alternative is you try and start a home business. Which is very tough. You need, capital. You need to be a "jack of all trades". You need to be self disciplined to be able to actually convince yourself to "do the work". And there's a lot of stress to being self employeed. It's not as cool as they people like Gary vaynerchuk make it out to sound. But if you work hard and you play your cards right, you could retire a lot faster than it taking 40 years of your life. Here's why...See in my estimation if you work hard enough you could be potentially earning at least 5 to 10 thousand per month within about a 4 year time frame. That's not unrealistic. It's not going to happen in 4 weeks, or 4 months, but likely more like 4 years. But by then you've built up your business, to where you're making say 5 to 10k per month. And that gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility in life. Think about it. You could be traveling the world as a digital nomad. Spend your winters in warmer climates. Go on multiple vacations out of the year, and even not having to set your alarm clock is a very nice thing. Plus there's no one bossing you around. So you're not under that kind of ongoing pressure. 

So there is a lot of upside, mainly that once you get to the point where you've replaced your monthly income from your day job with income from your home business, then you'll gain all that "time freedom". Again, in as little as just 4 years you could have replaced the income from your day job. That gives all that "time freedom", do start to set your own schedule in life. No one is pulling your strings in terms of "time committments" anymore. You set your own hours. You could even do whatever you want by day, then just work into the late evening. Or wake up early work for a while, then spend the rest of the day however you want and not work. And you can work online from anywhere in the world with a lot of the various home businesses out there. So it really can be an incredible experience if you can pull it off.

Now when you're just getting started your best bet is to just find a really good network marketing company that you're super passionate about, and really really really focus and buckle down and work hard at it. Because you don't have time to do all the things that a traditional business takes. It's way too time intensive. But with MLM all you have to do is join and then focus on recruiting new rep's. That's your role in the network marketing business. Dont' even focus so much on selling products. Don't focus on retail. Focus on recruiting. Because that's where the main leverage is. Each person you recruit is almost like an employee of yours. So you have a chance to gain the leverage you need to actually win as an entrepreneur. Also you can use innovative new tools like the MLMRC Automated Recruiting System that's going to help you grow your downline at record pace.

The other option you have when starting out as an entrepreneur is to find a high quality and high ticket affiliate program. So there's one that you should check out over at: . It offers you the opportunity to earn signficate income as an MLMRC affiliate, in which you earn 50% of any sale you refer. That equals about $500 to $1250 per sale on average. That's net profit! So you can make some great income doing that. It's free to sign up. So check that out as well.

So again the bottom line is you need to try and get off of this 40/40/40 plan and get onto something that will help you retire sooner. That way you can live life on your own terms. You're no longer a slave to the system. You can start to do the things you want in life and have the time freedom and money to do those things. Of course it's not going to happen overnight. It will take some time, money and energy on your part. But millions of people have already done it. So that means you can do it too. You just got to commit to really focusing and working on it. Again it will take some time, possibly even about 4 years. But 4 years will pass you by either way. So why not start working on building up a home business that can help you to retire early in life. It's a sound strategic plan for the future of you and your loved ones. I hope this information has been helpful. Now go check out okay. Also check out our Home Business Documentary 2020, below. Take care.

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