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Network Marketing Statistics 2020

Network Marketing Statistics 2020

When we take a serious look at network marketing statistics 2020 the results look rather grim. Though some organizations show better outcomes than others, industry-wide 85% of all people engaged in network marketing fail to earn a significant long term profit. So this leaves a tiny 15% of all the people ever engaging in such an opportunity who make any money.

I don’t want to scare you off if your someone who is looking for or just started a network marketing opportunity. Yes, there is about a 85% probability you might fail, but if you endure becoming part of the 15% the income potential can be tremendous. Many people have become millionaires just simply due to the amount of leverage you can gain, as your downline organization begins to hit critical mass and grow exponentially.

Now of course there are ways to dramatically improve your odds of success, for example using the MLMRC Automated Downline Builder here. So be sure to check that out if you're doing any type of network marketing business (or are considering network marketing).
Sceptics of the network marketing business model would say that these network marketing statistics are proving that the business model does not work. But the fact is that about 75% of all businesses fail in the first 5 years. That's a known fact. Not just mlm but all businesses and startups. So if you compare those stats to the 85% of who fail in mlm, it's not actually that far apart. So it's not something to be overly alarmed at.

Evolution of Multi-Level Marketing Business Model

The origin of MLM business is discussed, however, the most accepted theory is that it first commenced with the establishment of Avon in the USA during the year 1886.

By 1990, there were 25% of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) members accepting the MLM business model. It increased to 77.3% in 1999, and by 2009, 94.6% of DSA members were using MLM.

The top Network Marketing companies, such as Tupperware, Kirby, and Avon, were all basically single-level marketing companies. Later, they started the multi-level marketing business model and became MLM.

Currently, over 1,000 firms are practising multi-level marketing in the United States alone.
Growth of Network Marketing Business in 2020 — Network Marketing Statistics to Look At
MLM industry is operable in more than 100+ countries, and it is one of the largest industries to stay profitable. Now, the MLM industry is estimated at around 168 billion USD, which is supposed to reach around INR 645 billion by 2025.

2. MLM Business Sales Statistics: The top MLM markets existing globally are — USA, China, and Korea. With the USA reporting the highest sale of 20%, China 19%, and Korea 9%.

3. In the year 2015–2016, India’s rank in the MLM industry increased from 22nd to 20th rank.

4. During the year 2015–2016, the MLM industry achieved a new record of more than $183 billion in retail sales globally. This huge number made 80% of the countries across the globe to enrol the MLM industry.

5. The global average sales of each participant are about $1,800 per participant per year. However, things are changing.

6. Global sales were made by 118.4 million independent representatives, which is an improvement of 1.6% from 2017. This proves that the salesforce has grown at a three-year compound annual growth rate of 4.2% from 2015–2018.
Of this total workforce,

10.4 million are full-time, who dedicate more than 30 hours weekly
42.9 million are part-time, who dedicate up to 30 hours weekly
64.9 million others have registered recently, or desire to purchase the product at a discount, or have registered but were never active

7. Out of all participants, 74% of them are women, and the remaining 26% are men.

8. The number of both men and women joining MLM has developed over the year. It has enabled countless female entrepreneurs around the globe.


The above mentioned Network Marketing Statistics ( MLM Statistics) shows that the MLM industry is going to see massive success in the upcoming years. After all, the estimation shows that the MLM business is going to reach around $160.3 billion in 2021. Network marketing would be a great thing for the industry and everybody involved!

The main thing is that network marketing can work for anyone. 

You just need 2 key things to succeed in the network marketing industry:

1) A good network marketing opportunity

2) A downline building system such as:  (as you need an automatic way to be recruiting and building your team).

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network marketing statistics 2020

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