Sunday, 19 July 2020

Q: Is MLMRC a network marketing opportunity itself? A: No


Question: Is MLMRC a network marketing opportunity itself? 

Answer: No we are not.

Summary: We encourage visitors to our site here to carefully read over our service description here. 

"We simply help network marketers to grow their downlines in the mlm businesses they are currently doing."

We are not a network marketing opportunity or company. 

What we do is help network marketers to recruit sponsor enroll and build their downline in the opportunity that they are currently doing. We're a recruiting system for network marketers. 

The focus of our service is designed to build up our clients mlm downlines. We work with any network marketer (like you) in any mlm company (ie: Amway, Herbalife, NuSkin, Arbonne, Younique, LuLaRoe, ACN etc etc). 

So if you're currently doing a network marketing business then our service can help you in building your downline. We do this by way of our automated recruiting system (ARS). This is offered to our clients by way of our Service Memberships shown here.

If you're looking for an MLM Opportunity this isn't what we're about. There are plenty of good opportunities for you to find out there and join. Just google search: network marketing opportunity. Or some other keyword and you'll find large lists of different opportunities that you can join and begin doing as a home based business.

The only similiar feature we have is our affiliate program. Which is the same as most of the various affiliate programs you'll see on most websites that sell products or services. This is free to join. It's not a business opportunity (no personal purchase required).

If at some point we do start to offer a network marketing program, you'll be the first to hear about it from us. At this time however, it's not our focus. We prefer to remain neutral. This means we are unbiased. We don't promote any mlm company, or try and recruit you to join any mlm business. 

We strictly focus on our recruiting services which help network marketers to build their downline in the mlm business they're currently doing now. 

If you have any further questions please check out our full FAQ Page here. 

Or contact our customer service department here. 

Thank you.

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